How to enable/disable policy inheriting in Kaspersky Security Center 10



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How to enable/disable policy inheriting in Kaspersky Security Center 10

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2013 Nov 26 ID: 10622

Policies have a feature of settings inheritance. It means that any policy created in the child group of computers can inherit all settings configured for a parent policy of the same type. It makes impossible to change settings in the child policy. You need to disable policy inheriting to allow making changes from the child policy directly. 

You can enable/disable policy inheriting in the General section of the Administration Server settings.

Policy Inheritance section has two options:

  • Inherit settings from parent policy - if this checkbox is selected in the child policy, it will inherit all parent policy settings. No changes in the child policy will be possible;
  • Force inheritance of settings in child policies - If this checkbox is selected, it is impossible to disable inheritance from the child groups.

If the child group was created with no active policies, parent active policy is inherited automatically. When the child group policy is created and applied as active, automatic inheritance is disabled and active child policy is used instead.

Note. Inactive parent policies are not inherited.

To view the inherited policies, select the View inherited policies checkbox in the Policies tab of the managed computers group.  Policies inherited automatically have light-colored icons.

In the screenshot below you can see the highlighted policy Child protection policy of the Kaspersky Endpoint Security application. It is an inactive policy created in the child group.  The View inherited policies checkbox is selected, so all parent policies are displayed. If the Child protection policy was applied as active,  Parent protection policy would not be displayed.

As you can see in the following screenshot, parent policy cannot be viewed when the Child protection policy is active.  


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