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What is applications registry in Kaspersky Security Center 10

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2013 Nov 27 ID: 10644

Applications registry is a folder where all information about software installed on clients' computers is stored.  

To open Applications registry,  select the Applications registry subfolder in the Applications and vulnerabilities folder.

Administration Agent is responsible for collecting data. Managed computers are scanned when Administration Agent is started and when the set of installed software is modified. 

The Information about installed applications option that can be found in the Repositories section of Administration agent's policy properties is responsible for delivering information to the Administration Server. The option is enabled by default.

registry folder, you can select the applications and monitor their installation on clients' computers. For example, the administrator can configure a list of applications forbidden to be installed on clients' computers for some reason and receive e-mail notifications in cases of unauthorized installation.

To add an application to the Monitored applications category, perform the following actions:

In the Applications and vulnerabilities folder, open the Applications registry's Properties. Click Add. Select applications you would like to monitor from the list.

Note.  Use the Ctrl key for multiple selection.

To set the notifications about changes made in monitored applications, perform the following actions:

Open the Events section of the Administration Agent policy properties. Select the Info category. Select the following event categories: Application has been installed and/or Application has been removed.

To view the information about the notifications delivery configuration and event registration, double-click on the corresponding category. The settings window will open.

The list of applications contains information about all the applications ever installed in the network. For convenience, you can use the following filters: 

  • Number of days - only the applications found for N days are displayed. To apply this filter, enter the number and click the Magnifier button;
  • Group applications by name - groups different versions of the same application by the name;
  • Show only installed applications - excludes unused applications (for example, the ones that have been used before, but then removed) from the list.

For advanced search convenience, you can specify tags for every application in the list. To do it, right-click on the desired application and select Tags. Enter the tags in the opened window.

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