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How to use the Update utility via the GUI

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2012 Oct 05 ID: 1967

Applies to Update utility for Windows 

The standalone update utility Kaspersky Updater 2012 has been developed to update all the necessary databases and modules for Kaspersky Lab applications. The utility can be run manually from any computer with the Internet connection or from a flash drive which is connected to a computer connected to the Internet.

All the necessary download settings are defined in an ini file which by default resides in the folder with the Updater.exe utility. If you find it more convenient you can modify the configuration file and launch the download process via the graphic interface (GUI) of the update utility.

To do it:

1. Download the archive with the update utility and with the GUI - [ZIP].

2. Unpack it into the folder on any computer connected to the Internet.

WarningThe full path of the utility should not contain any national symbols (like Cyrillic, for example). Only Latin letters are allowed.

3. The first execution of the utility usually takes very much time because the utility has to download all the updates available for the selected applications. If you have a Kaspersky Lab application installed, you can copy its databases into the Update utility folder. Then the utility will not have to download everything again. Please read here about copying the databases into the Update utility folder. 

4. Run the file KasperskyUpdater.exe. Click the Applications button. Then check the boxes of the applications you wish to update at corresponding tabs. Then click OK in the Applications window.

InformationCheck the 9.*, 6.0* or 8.0 box, if Kaspersky Security Center 9 / Kaspersky Administration Kit will be updating from the created folder.

5. Click Settings and define the connection and other settings (as necessary).

6. Click the OK button to add the defined settings into the configuration file.

7. By clicking the Schedule button to configure the utility starting automatically on a schedule. Click OK in the Schedule window to save the settings.

8. Click Start to start downloading the updates.

You can stop the download process by clicking the Stop button. In any case, the utility displays the outcome of the operation in the space above the buttons. The following status idicates that the download has successfully finished: (35) Retranslation successful and update is not requested

Once all the requested updates have downloaded, you would be able to update the selected applications from the created Updates folder. 

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