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How to remove F-Secure products?

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2012 Aug 28 ID: 2238
Sometimes after removal of F-Secure anti-virus software with the standard means and the computer restart some records may still remain in the system registry and prevent a Kaspersky Lab 2010 product from installation. Thus, it is very important to remove F-Secure before installation of a Kaspersky Lab 2010 product. Before the files are copied onto a hard disk the Setup Wizard scans the disk for software incompatible with Kaspersky Lab applications. Records in the system registry are recognized by the Setup Wizard as fully installed F-Secure software, even though the product was removed and is no longer installed on the PC. As a result Kaspersky Lab Setup Wizard asks to delete the detected incompatible software manually and terminates the installation process.

How to uninstall F-Secure anti-virus using standard Microsoft Windows tools:

  • in the bottom left corner click the Start button
  • perform the following actions:
    • for Windows XP:
      • select the Cont