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How can I make sure that I downloaded a genuine Kaspersky Lab distribution package?

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2012 Oct 05 ID: 2681

Information from this article refers to  all Kaspersky Lab products

All Kaspersky Lab distribution packages (installation files) are digitally signed guaranteeing integrity of the file when you download it from Kaspersky Lab website to your PC.

Digital signature is a necessary and sufficient warranty of originality of a distribution package.

In order to make sure that a file is digitally signed:

  • right-click on the downloaded file (distribution package);
  • select Properties in the context box;
  • open the tab Digital signatures;
  • select  the Kaspersky Lab signature form the list and click the button Details;

  • In the Digital Signatures Details window you can check if the digital signature is valid.
    Along with the signature, the tab General contains a Timestamp as well indicating the time the file was signed.

InformationIf the signature is invalid, it means that the distribution package has been modified and should not be used.

InformationIf the signature has been damaged, file properties do not contain the tab Digital signatures. By checking the presence of this tab you can make sure that a file is genuine.

Term of validity of the Certificate used by Kaspersky Lab to sign its files is about 1 year.

Information The certificate may expire, however the signiture remains valid if put while the certificate was still valid.
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