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2012 Jan 23 ID: 2707
Applies to Kaspersky Administration Kit 8.0

An Update agent is a PC within the Administration server network dedicated to store and distribute database updates, installation packages, group tasks and policies. It is a center for provisional storage of databases, installation packages, tasks and policies. You can assign an Update agent into any administration group.

Main function of an Update agent is distribution (update) of databases and installation packages on all client PCs within its group, as well as execution of Administration server group tasks and policies.

It is not necessary for a PC assigned with the Update agent role for a certain group of computers to be within the same group. Along with packages, Update agents also distribute group task and policy settings to the client PCs (using low-level protocols).

It is useful to have an Update agent for a company which has a lot of remote offices and not many PCs. It saves VPN traffic and does not require an individual computer with slave Administration server.

InformationAn Update agent can be used for distributing installation packages in case installation packages are installed using the Network Agent. Disable the Using Microsoft Windows resources from shared folder option in the Force uploading installation package section in properties of an installation task for specific computers / group task.

You can view the list of Update agents in a group in group properties tab Update agents. To assign an Update agent into a group, click the button Add and check the box of the desired client PC. You can select more than one PC at once – all of them will be added into the list. Also remember, that having many Update agents within a group will decrease the speed the databases and packages distribute at.

Update agents receive:

  • known threats databases – as they become available on the Administration server (automatically), or by running a special task to download databases from Kaspersky Lab servers.

  • installation packages – by running a remote forced installation task for a package. An Update agent will receive the package only if the task is assigned to at least one PC within its group.

  • group tasks – applies group tasks assigned from the Administration server.

  • policies – applies policies assigned from the Administration server.

You can choose a folder to store databases (%ProgramFiles%\Kaspersky Lab\NetworkAgent 8\$FTClTmp, by default) in Update agent properties. To do it, select the option Use specified folder and specify desired folder path.

By default, Network agent receives databases from the Administration server. But you can redirect an Update agent to another source – to do it create a new task by clicking the button New task.

New task creation wizard allows you to choose update settings and source, and schedule task start.

When the task is run, the Update agent will automatically download databases from the specified source (by default, from Kaspersky Lab server).

Current version of the application allows Update agents to receive updates for the same applications as the Administration server.

Update agents can be used to deliver installation packages for remote installation tasks to client PCs using multicast IP service. This option will make all PCs within the group (even those that do not need it) to receive the given installation package.

In order to enable multicast IP service for automatic distribution of installation packages and databases to client PCs, check the box Use multicast IP and configure it (IP address and port).

New installation packages are distributed in the group only once. If a client PC was switched off or cut from the logical network while a new installation packages was distributed, its Network agent will automatically download the necessary installation package from the Update agent upon starting an installation task.

If the box Use multicast IP has been unchecked, the installed Network agent will request the installation package from the Update agent storage.
It is recommended to use Multicast IP service in case of a high network load. It lowers the number of sent packages, and allows automatic installation of applications / execution of tasks as soon as a PC with installed Network agent appears in the network.

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