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Internet pages not loading or not displayed correctly after installing Kaspersky Anti-Virus version 6.0.4.x. What can I do?

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2011 Dec 22 ID: 2825

This FAQ describes what to do in case your Internet browser cannot open web pages or displays them incorrectly after installing Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0.4.x for Windows Workstations.

Before submitting a Technical Support request:

  • try using another browser. 
    For example if you are using MS Internet Explorer, try opening web pages with Mozilla FireFox;
  • try to find out the Kaspersky Anti-Virus component responsible for the issue.
    For example, open Kaspersky Anti-Virus, and disable the component Web Anti-Virus and try opening a web page, etc;
    Test all the other components until you find a right one.

How to submit a request to the Technical Support:

    • Disable the application Self-defense.
    • Enable the Notify (500) level tracing using the utility KavLogMP4 or in Kaspersky Anti-Virus GUI.
    • Create a folder named http on the disk C: (С:\http).
    • Download the file HTTP_panzl6mp4.zip and run the file Trace_httpanzl_ON.reg.
    • Reboot the computer (or restart Kaspersky Anti-Virus).
    • Save Kaspersky Anti-Virus settings to a file (click Settings > Protection > button Save).
    • Reproduce the problem: try opening an “issuing” webpage in a browser.
    • Make a screenshot of the “issuing” webpage.
    • Close the browser.
    • Compress all files in the folder C:\http into an archive. Delete all files from this folder except the archive file you have just created.
    • Run the file Trace_httpanzl_OFF.reg from the archive HTTP_panzl6mp4.zip.
    • Reboot the computer (or restart Kaspersky Anti-Virus).
    • Disable the tracing using the utility KavLogMP4 (or via Kaspersky Anti-Virus GUI).
    • Use the utility GetSystemInfo to generate a report about your system.
    • Send the files (archives, GetSystemInfo report) with a description of the problem to Kaspersky Lab Technical support service by submitting a HelpDesk request.
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