How to register in My Kaspersky Account?



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How to register in My Kaspersky Account?

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2012 Aug 09 ID: 3040

In order to use My Kaspersky Account, you need to register for it. The registration process includes two steps:

  • creating an account
  • activating an account

In order to register a new account in My Kaspersky Account, click the link My Kaspersky Account in the main window of your Kaspersky Lab product or open the page in your browser.

In order to create a new account, you need to fill in the registration form:

  1. enter Email. Make sure the necessary information has been entered correctly or the registration will not be available.
  2. enter Password. You are recommended to use numbers, symbols and letters of different cases.
  3. to exclude mistyping enter your password again in the Confirm password field
  4. enter numbers and letters from the picture to prevent automatic registration
  5. click the Create My Kaspersky Account button.

You will not be able to enter My Kaspersky Account immediately after you registered. You need to activate your account. In order to finish the registration, click the link in the message which was sent to your email.

InformationIf you do not activate your account in 5 days from the day of creating your account, then your registration data will be deleted from the server. To register in My Kaspersky Account, you will need to create a new account.

When you click the link, the page with your personal information will open. Fill in the suggested fields:

  • Country and Region
  • Time zone
  • Date format

The Country and Region field is mandatory to be filled in. The field is required to provide technical support on your language.

After you filled in the fields containing your contact information, click the Apply button to save the changes:

After the registration you will enter My Kaspersky Account.

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