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Remote start of Privacy Protection in Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0 (Symbian OS)

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2012 Jul 31 ID: 3238
Applies to Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0 (for Symbian-smartphones series 60 UI)

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0 allows remote starting of Privacy Protection with a special SMS message. To do this, first enable the function which allows remote starting of Privacy Protection.

In order to allow remote starting of Privacy Protection:

  • select the Mode item in the Privacy Protection tab
  • enable the Hide on SMS option in the window that will open
  • press Back.

In order to send a command to the lost/stolen device, perform the following actions:

  • select the Send command item in the Additional tab
  • press the Start button
  • select the Privacty Protection item from the list of actions
  • press Next
  • in the Enter phone number field, enter the device's phone number whose coordinates must be obtained
  • press Next
  • in the Enter remote code field, enter the secret code set on the device receiving the message
  • press Send.

When the command is received, the Privacy Protection component starts on the lost/stolen device automatically.

In order to create an SMS message with the phone's standard SMS creation functions, send a standard SMS message to the device you want to locate. The SMS message must contain the text hide:<code>, where <code> is the secret code set on the receiving device. The message is not case sensitive, and spaces before or after the colon are ignored.

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