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How to reinstall/upgrade the operating system and not lose the license for Kaspersky PURE?

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2012 Aug 03 ID: 3440

Applies to:
  • Kaspersky PURE Release 2
  • Kaspersky PURE
  • In order to activate Kaspersky PURE you need the activation codeActivation code is a unique charset of 4 sections. Each section comprises 5 symbols, and the common number of symbols equals to 20 (e.g. XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX). An activation code is required to activate a Kaspersky Lab product which you have purchased in E-Store

    If you have purchased a box version of Kaspersky PURE, the activation code can be found on the activation card.

    If you have purchased the product in E-Store, in this case you will receive the activation code to your email address you have defined when making the order. 


    Before you update or reinstall the OS, make sure that: 

    • you have the activation code in print on the inner side of the box with the setup CD (if you purchased a box version). 
    • the activation code is saved on another device (flash-drive, floppy) which will not be formatted when reinstalling the operating system (if you purchased the product in the E-Store). 
    • product settings have been exported, and the configuration file is saved on another device (flash-drive, floppy) which will not be formatted when reinstalling the operating system 
    • the file with the Anti-Spam databases was saved on another device which will not be formatted when reinstalling the operating system.

    After the OS reinstallation, you are recommended to perform the following actions: 

    • download the latest version of the product distributive which you have purchased earlier from the Kaspersky Lab’s official web-site: http://www.kaspersky.com/productupdates 
    • run the downloaded file 
    • when installing the product use the same activation code which you have saved on another device 
    • after you have installed the product and rebooted the OS, import the product settings from the configuration file you have created earlier 
    • copy the file with the Anti-Spam databases.
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