Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.5 for Check Point Firewall-1: commercial release



Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.5 for Check Point Firewall-1


Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.5 for Check Point Firewall-1: commercial release

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2012 Nov 20 ID: 400

Kaspersky Lab announces the commercial release of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.5 for Check Point Firewall-1 (build 5.5.114). 

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Check Point Firewall-1 is a system that provides anti-virus monitoring of files transmitted over HTTP, FTP and SMTP protocols via Check Point Firewall-1 firewall that ensures high quality protection of corporate networks against malware. 

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is controlled using special user interface incorporated into Microsoft Management Console 

The application performs the following functions: 

  • performs anti-virus scan and processing of data streams transmitted via HTTP and FTP protocols. Depending on the settings, the application will skip or attempt to disinfect a malicious object, block access to it and notify about detection of such objects.
  • passes over disinfected files to the client that requested this HTTP or FTP stream. 
  • scans incoming and outgoing e-mail messages transmitted via SMTP protocol and all attached files for the presence of malicious code in the real-time format. Depending on the settings selected, the application will pass infected messages, delete them or attach to them a warning message. 
  • creates list of objects that will not be scanned for viruses. 
  • saves backup copies of objects to a special storage before disinfecting, deleting or blocking the object for the consequent restoring which prevents the loss of data. Configurable filters allow to easily locate the original copies of objects. 
  • notifies user requesting an object that contains malicious code. updates the anti-virus database from internet or from the local folder either in the manual or automatic mode. Internet updates can be performed from the Kaspersky Lab's FTP and HTTP internet servers. 
  • Maintains events log and creates reports about the results of the anti-virus scan on a regular basis. The application allows creating reports using built-in templates at the required time interval. 
  • Allows configuring application settings depending on the intensity and the nature of the traffic as well as the characteristics of the hardware installed (amount of RAM, speed, number of processors, etc.). 
  • Manages license keys 

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.5 for Check Point Firewall-1 includes the following components: 

    • Security server that provides the anti-virus functionality and updating of the anti-virus database and includes administrative services for remote management, configuring and ensuring the integrity of the application and of the data stored. 
    • Management Console that provides the user interface for managing the administrative services of the application and allows installing the application, configuring settings and managing the server component. The management module is implemented as the extension of the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). 

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.5 for Check Point Firewall-1 has the following distinctions from the previous version: 

  • Completely revised intuitive graphical interface implemented according to the Microsoft Management Console standards. Using the new interface, the administrator can start using the application without the need to configure any preliminary settings. Additionally, this interface offers a wide range of options for configuring the customized application management environment that can be adapted to the conditions of any particular corporate network to the maximum possible extent. 
  • The use of extended set of the anti-virus database for scanning objects helps protect traffic not only against malware, but also against potentially dangerous programs (riskware), such as spyware, adware, automatic dialing programs, hacking software and joke programs. 
  • The possibility to select anti-virus protection levels has been implemented which enables the administrator to adjust the security level of the stream passing through the firewall and the Anti-Virus load during the scan. 
  • Backup copying of objects before their disinfection, deletion or renaming allows restoring objects in case of a data loss. The possibility to create and use customized filters simplifies the search for information you need. 
  • A new feature has been added that allows user to scale the application based on the number of processors installed on the computer on which the application is residing. In order to enhance the efficiency of the application (increasing the number of objects that can be analyzed at the same time) several instances of the anti-virus kernel can be launched and run simultaneously. 
  • The possibility to control the size of the queue of the objects to be scanned allows a more precise control of the Anti-Virus load depending on the amount of data being scanned. 
  • A possibility to scan objects in RAM without using the disk subsystem has been added, which considerably increases the efficiency of the application. 
  • Due to the support of AMON and ELA protocols a deeper level of Kaspersky Anti-Virus integration with Check Point Firewall-1 has been achieved, which allows transferring information about Kaspersky Anti-Virus operation and viewing it using standard Check Point Firewall-1 tools. 
  • The logging capability has been drastically improved. The application now allows logging registered events into the Windows application log and in the application's logs. An ability to configure the degree of information completeness and the extent of detail has been added. Logs can be viewed using the Windows Events Viewer tool and standard text editors, such as Notepad. 
  • An ability to create regular extended reports about the anti-virus scan results. Reports can be created either in the automatic mode or by the administrator's request. The reports maintaining system ensures fast, convenient and consistent method of accessing information using standard tools, such as for example, Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Controlling the application from the command line is not supported. 
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