How to renew license in Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011?



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How to renew license in Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011?

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2012 Aug 16 ID: 4032
Before you activate the product, make sure that the system date is set correctlyon your PC!
In order to renew the license in Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011, perform the following actions:
  1. open the main program window
  2. in the bottom menu click License
  3. in the License management window, select Renew License
  4. the License Renewal Center page with the address will be opened
  5. follow the steps offered to renew the license.
Once you have renewed the license and obtained an activation code, activate this code in the program. Your computer should be connected to the Internet to activate the code. In order to activate a new code, do the following:
  1. open the main application window
  2. click the License link in the lower part of the main application window
  3. click Activate the application with a new license in the License management window
  4. in the Activation Wizard window, select Activate commercial version
  5. in the Enter the activation code field enter the activation code you received after renewal
  6. InformationAn activation code should be entered from the keyboard in Latin ONLY without any hyphens. The program calculates the number of entered symbols and automatically adds a hyphen where necessary. If an activation code was entered incorrectly, then once you click Next the following message will be displayed:


    InformationIf your current license (license key) is valid for more than 2 weeks, then activating the new activation code will result in the loss of the remaining validity period on the current license.

    WarningHowever, if the current license is valid less than 2 weeks, after you activate the application with the new activation code, the remaining validity period on your old or original license will be added to the new license validity.

    InformationIf the trial version of the product was activated on your computer, then the Activate trial version variant will be missed in the Activation Wizard window!

  7. wait until the activation process is completed
  8. click Finish
  9. in the License management window, information about two licenses (active and inactive) will be displayed. In order to view information about different licenses, click the arrow button or 
  10. click Close
  11. close the main application window.

If you have any difficulties during the license prolongation, contact Kaspersky Lab Technical Support service via the  My Kaspersky Account service.
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