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How to add a specific address to list of trusted web-addresses in Password Manager from Kaspersky PURE R2?

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2012 Aug 03 ID: 5072

Applies to Kaspersky PURE R2

Password Manager from Kaspersky PURE R2 protects your personal data from phishing attacks. If during authorization you were redirected to another website, the application will notify you about it. However redirecting is often officially installed on websites.

If you don't want Password Manager to consider readdressing to be a phishing attack, you can create a list of trusted web addresses. The list of trusted web addresses includes websites to which the entered personal data are transferred. During authorization, Password Manager will not notify you that the personal data is being transferred to the trusted web site. Before adding a website to the list of trusted web addresses, make sure it is completely reliable!

To manually add a new address to the list of trusted web-sites, please perform the following actions:

  1. Right-click the Password Manager icon in the taskbar notification area
  2. In the context menu of Password Manager, select Settings

  1. In the Password Manager Settings window that will open, select the Trusted web addresses section. 
  2. In the right part of the window, click Add

  1. The field in the Trusted web addresses list will become active. Then, enter the web address. You can enter the address without the www protocol, i.e. site.com. Press ENTER
  2. To change the web address, select it in the list and click Edit
  3. To delete the web address from the list, select it in the list and click Delete
  4. In the Password Manager Settings window click OK and the address will be saved in the list of trusted web-sites. 

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