I forgot / lost my secret code to Kaspersky Mobile Security (Android OS). What should I do?



Kaspersky Mobile Security (Android)


I forgot / lost my secret code to Kaspersky Mobile Security (Android OS). What should I do?

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2013 Jan 11 ID: 6102

Secret code is used to block unauthorized access to Kaspersky Mobile Security settings.

During installation of Kaspersky Mobile Security, the application suggests to specify your email address and a password for the Web portal to restore a secret code if it is lost or forgotten.

To restore a secret code, do the following:

  1. Log onto the Web portal under your account.

  1. Select the necessary device and click the button Recover secret code.

  1. A recovery code will appear on the screen.

  1. On the phone on the Enter secret code screen tap Menu --> Recovery of secret code.
  2. Enter the recovery code received on the Web portal. Tap Enter.

  1. You secret code will be displayed on the screen. Enter this secret code and tap Enter.

Your secret code has been recovered.

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