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What is a key file for Kaspersky Anti-Virus for file servers

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Applies to:
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Windows Servers Enterprise Edition
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Storage
  • A key file looks like xxxxxxx.key. It holds all the data required by Kaspersky Anti-Virus to function, as well as some additional info: 

    • technical support information (responsibility and coordinates);
    • key name and number;
    • limitation on the number of hosts;
    • license expiration date.

    A key file can also be called a key or a license key.

    There are several types of key files:

    Commercial key files

    Commercial key files serve for activating legally purchased Kaspersky Lab software and using it for a ceretain period of time.

    Commercial key files
    may be valid for 1 year, 2 years, or any other period (special Kaspersky Lab promotions).

    When the commercial key expires, the application retains full functionality except it cannot update databases anymore (neither automatically nor manually). You will still be able to scan your computer for viruses and use all the protection components, but they will function using the old antivirus databases. Kaspersky Lab does not guarantee a 100% protection from new (released after the license expiration date) viruses after your license expires.

    Owners of commercial key files have a right to receive full technical support via telephone and the Technical Support service.

    Trial key files

    Trial key files allow you to try Kaspersky Lab software during a set period of time. Kaspersky Lab offers trial keys free of charge.

    A trial key file may be valid for 15 days, 30 days, or any other period (as agreed with Kaspersky Lab).

    When the trial key file expires, the application stops functioning.

    Owners of trial key files have a right to receive technical support only via the Technical Support service.

    InformationIf you have used a trial key file to activate an application, you cannot prolong your license with another trial key file. Second trial key file expiration date will not go beyond the expiration date of the first trial key file.

    Beta testing key files 

    Beta testing key files are made for users who are interested in testing Kaspersky Lab software which has not been released yet.

    The beta testing key files expire when the software testing period ends.

    When the beta key expires, the beta version of the application retains its functionality except it cannot update databases anymore (neither automatically nor manually).

    Owners of beta key files have a right to receive technical support via the corresponding section of Kaspersky Lab forums or by e-mail as indicated in the beta version documentation.

    You can add two key files to an application: the active one and the reserve one

    The active key functions since the moment of installing the application. An application can have only one active key. 

    The reserve key is activated automatically once the active key expires.

    InformationSoftware cannot function without a key file, and we strongly recommend that you save a copy of your key file on a spare diskette, USB stick, CD, etc. Then you will be able to restore it if necessary.

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