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Kaspersky Administration Kit: the release of patch D for versions 8.0.2134, 8.0.2090, and 8.0.2048

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ID: 6400

Applies to Kaspersky Administration Kit 8.0

May 24, 2011 Kaspersky Lab announces the release of patch D for Kaspersky Administration Kit 8.0 version 8.0.2134, version 8.0.2090 and version 8.0.2048.

The patch addresses the following issues:

  • High system load during update task execution;
  • Deadlocks during DB queries and in particular during application registry data update;
  • Optimizations in the DB structure for MySQL;
  • Administration server connection error in the moments of high network activity;
  • Search by Organization Unit works incorrectly.

The patch is downloaded by running the Download updates to repository task in the Kaspersky Administration Kit tasks node. If the patch has been downloaded, it is displayed in the Repositories > Updates node.

After installing the patch D for Kaspersky Administration Kit 8.0:
  • AK version number changes to 8.0.2163;

Information It is impossible to reinstall Kaspersky Administration Kit 8.0 from the Control Panel, or add new components (Cisco Nac, etc) after downloading the patch.
However you can add/remove the components by creating an Administration Server backup copy, uninstalling the installed version, installing the new one with all necessary components, and finally restoring the backed up copy.

  • In the Administration server installation folder:

    • versions of the diffsAK.dll; klakcon.dll; klcsagt.dll; klcskca.dll; klcssrv.dll; klcssrvp.dll; klcsstd.dll; klcstr.dll; kldb_mssql.dll; kldb_mysql.dll; Up2date.exe; upd_core.dll files are changed to 8.0.2163;
    • versions of the libeay32.dll; ssleay32.dll files are changed to;
    • version of the FSSync.dll file is changed to;

  • In the Administration agent installation folder (on the server):

    • versions of diffsAK.dll; klcsagt.dll; klcskca.dll; klcsnagt.dll; klcsstd.dll; klcstr.dll; Up2date.exe; upd_core.dll files are changed to 8.0.2163;
    • versions of libeay32.dll; ssleay32.dll files are changed to;
    • version of the FSSync.dll file is changed to

  • Network Agent version 8.0.2134 on client computers remains.

Warning The Administration Server version should be completely updated before restoring a backup copy!

The patch is cumulative. It includes patches "а","b" and "с" for the 8.0.2048 and "а" for the 8.0.2090.

Information When you run the patch, the Administration Server console automatically closes and the UP2Date.exe process terminates (if it is currently running).

In order to view information about installed patches for Kaspersky Administration Kit 8.0, create a Kaspersky Lab software version report with the option Updates installed enabled. The field Updates installed will display the information about the patch. To do so, open the report properties > go to the tab Details fields > and click Add. Select Updates installed in the drop-down menu and click OK twice.

Please note:

If the patch "d" is installed on the 8.0.2048 AK server without previously installed "a", "b" and "c" patches the report shows patch "d" only, if the patch "d" is installed on the 8.0.2048 AK server with previously installed "a", "b" and "c" patches the report shows "a,b,c,d" patches;

If the patch "d" is installed on the 8.0.2090 AK server without previously installed "a" patch the report shows patch "d" only, if the patch "d" is installed on the 8.0.2090 AK server with previously installed "a" patch the report shows "a,d" patches;

If the patch "d" is installed on the 8.0.2134 AK server the report shows "d" patch only.

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