How to optimize the randomized task start interval



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How to optimize the randomized task start interval

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Applies to Kaspersky Security Center 9.0

There is a function that allows to start a task in a group of computers with a random interval. This reduces the load on the Administration server when running tasks in large groups of computers.

This value is set in minutes on the Schedule tab found in properties of each task: Randomize the task start with interval (min).

How to calculate an appropriate time interval:

  1. Determine the maximum load allowed for the Administration server. I.e. determine the number of managed computers allowed to execute the same task simultaneously. As far as no other server applications or programs have been installed on the host running Kaspersky Security Center, the allowed load may vary between 500 and 1000 hosts.
  2. Calculate the time required to execute the task on a single managed computer. For example, an update task requires about 6 minutes, and an installation task some 20-30 minutes.
  3. Thus we have the following formula for calculating the correct interval: (T * N / L)


Т – time required by the particular task to complete on a single host

– number of affected hosts

L – maximum number of hosts running the same task simultaneously, supported by the given Administration server.

For example:

We have to run an update task on 100 hosts. We know that approximate time required by that task to complete on a single host is around 6 minutes. And we suppose that the Administration server can support the maximum of 5 hosts running the same task simultaneously. 

Then: ( 6 * 100 ) / 5 = 120 minutes

InformationIf setting an interval over 60 minutes, you should change the frequency of updating the Administration server, for the two tasks not to intersect.

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