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How to create an installation package

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2012 Nov 30 ID: 7622
Applies to Kaspersky Security Center 9

Kaspersky Security Center 9 allows creating installation packages for specific executable files with extensions *.exe, *.msi, *.cmd, *.bat.

In order to create an installation package:

  • start the Administration Console and go to the node Repositories;
  • right-click the node Installation packages and select New > Installation package;

  • click Next in the New Package Wizard welcome page;
  • enter a name for the installation package, setup e.g. The name must be unique among other installation packages on an Administration Server;
  • Select the option Create installation package for specified executable file;
  • click Select and specify an executable file;

  • Click Next. Wait for the package to be created and click Finish.

  • In the result you will have a new installation package in the list.

InformationAfter running an installation package deployment task, only successful execution of the task on a client computer will be displayed in the Administration Console.
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