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Update agent in Kaspersky Security Center 10

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2015 Feb 12 ID: 9311

Kaspersky Security Center 10 allows to distribute updates to client hosts of administration groups not via Administration server, but via update agents of these groups.

An Update agent is a PC within the Administration server network dedicated to store and distribute database updates, installation packages, group tasks and policies. It is a center for provisional storage of databases, installation packages, tasks and policies. You can assign an Update agent into any administration group.

Main function of an Update agent is distribution (update) of databases and installation packages on all client PCs within its group, as well as execution of Administration server group tasks and policies.

It is useful to have an Update agent for a company which has a lot of remote offices and not many PCs. It saves VPN traffic and does not require an individual computer with slave Administration server.

Update agents receive:

  • Microsoft updates for products and the operating system
  • antivirus databases as they become available on the Administration server (automatically), or by running a special task to download databases from Kaspersky Lab servers.
  • installation packages by running a remote forced installation task for a package. An Update agent will receive the package only if the task is assigned to at least one PC within its group.
  • group tasks assigned by the Administration server.
  • policies from the Administration server.

In order to connect with Network Agents, Kaspersky Security Center 10 sends a signal to the Update agent. Once a signal is received, the update agent sends a signal by the UDP protocol to other computers where Network Agents are running to connect to the Administration Server. After a signal has been received, the computer connects to the update agent which in its turn transfers this information to the Administration Server.

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