Protection components of Kaspersky Security 10 for mobile devices



Kaspersky Security 10 for Mobile


Protection components of Kaspersky Security 10 for mobile devices

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2013 Jan 21 ID: 9603

Kaspersky Security 10 for mobile devices includes the following protection components:

  • Anti-Virus (for Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android devices). The component allows to detect and delete threats on mobile devices based on antivirus databases and data from Kaspersky Security Network:

    • Protection allows to scan new applications and detect threats in open files. The component provides real-time protection from infection.
    • Scan of the file system, RAM and specific objects is launched by the user. Full Scan allows check your file system or a folder on malicious objects present. Full and specific objects scan allows to detect threats in installed and open files. RAM scan allows to detect threats in open objects only.
    • Update allows to download new antivirus databases.
  • Privacy Protection allows to hide personal user data when the mobile device is used by other users. The component hides / displays all information in phone books, call and SMS lists. The component also allows to hide incoming calls and SMS.
  • Anti-Theft (for Symbian, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Android devices) protects data on the mobile device from unauthorized access in case the mobile device is stolen or lost. The component allows to block the mobile device using an SMS command or via Kaspersky Security Center.
  • Call and SMS Filter (for Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Android devices) allows to block unwanted calls and SMS based on a selected mode. Call and SMS filtration is performed based on lists of allowed and blocked contacts. Based on a selected mode, the application allows or blocks incoming call and SMS from the lists of allowed and blocked contacts. Additionally, the component allows to enable the option of allowing / blocking incoming calls and SMS from contacts added to your phone book or specific contacts by a character.
  • Web Filter (for Android and iOS devices) allows to block access to malicious (which spread malicious codes) and phishing (which steal personal data such as passwords to online payment systems and etc.) websites. The component checks websites on access based on data from Kaspersky Security Network. According to check results, websites will be accessible if they are not malicious. The component also allows to filter access to websites based on their categories specified in Kaspersky Security Network that allows to control user access to specific website groups.
  • Firewall (for Symbian and Windows Mobile devices) controls network connections on mobile devices. The component allows to specify allowed and blocked network connections.
  • Application Control (for Android devices) allows to configure applications run settings on mobile devices via Kaspersky Security Center. The administrator can specify applications to be installed and lists of allowed and blocked applications. In this case, the application blocks access to specified applications and logs events in the Kaspersky Security Center report. The component also allows to create and use containers. A container is a special shell program to control applications added to the container and protect corporate data. You can use allowed and to be installed applications.
  • Device management allows to configure obligatory access password length and usage. The component also allows to block access to Wi-Fi connections on the mobile device.
  • Encryption (for Symbian and Windows Mobile devices) protects data from unauthorized access of other users to personal data stored on the mobile devices. Once the mobile device is in the power-saving mode the component encrypts specified non-system folders on the mobile device or inserted memory card. You can access encrypted data only by entering your secret password.
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