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What is Kaspersky Safe Money

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2013 Apr 05 ID: 9813
While working with online banking and payment systems you need special protection as loss of any confidential data may lead to financial losses. 

Kaspersky Safe Money checks all links opening in the browser. When you try to enter a personal cabinet in your pay system or any online banking system Kaspersky Safe money performs the following actions:

  • Checks that you are trying to access a genuine banking or payment system page, compares a page address with the updatable database of web-sites for banks and payment systems from the product (the database is comprised by Kaspersky Lab specialists).
  • Checks the certificate with the help of which an encrypted connection is established; thus preventing access to a fake web page.
  • Checks the installed OS for vulnerabilities critical for online banking.
  • Offers to open a web site in the Safe Money mode to protect your personal data from loss.

When you enter your confidential data (for example, your login and password in an E-Store) using your keyboard, there is a risk that this personal information is intercepted using hardware keyboard interceptors or keyloggers, which are programs that register keystrokes. Then, this information will be transferred to hackers/cyber criminals via the Internet.

Kaspersky Safe Money includes Secure Keyboard Input. 

Secure Data Input includes Virtual Keyboard and Secure keyboard input.

Virtual keyboard cannot protect your personal data if the website requiring the entry of such data has been hacked, because in this case the information is obtained directly by the intruders.

Virtual keyboard can be used for additional protection during the data input on the banks and payment system websites opened in the protected browser, in any office application for entering text, and in any Internet resource for entering confidential in