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Kaspersky Anti-Hacker 1.8


What is a stealth mode?

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Concerning to Kaspersky Anti-Hacker 1.8

Working with Firewall Kaspersky Anti-Hacker in the High, Medium and Low modes (detailed information about Kaspersky Anti-Hacker security modes) you may also specify an additional Stealth mode. In this mode all activity initiated by the user is allowed, and any other activity (remote connection to your computer, checking with the Ping utility, etc.) is prohibited unless it explicitly allowed by the rules.

Practically this means that your computer becomes "invisible" from the external environment. Hackers lose an object for attack, and all their attempts to gain access to the computer will fail. Besides, the stealth mode helps preventing all types of DoS (Denial of Service) attacks.

At the same time the stealth mode does not have any negative influence on your work in the Internet: Kaspersky Anti-Hacker allows network activity initiated by your computer.

To enable/disable the stealth mode in Kaspersky Anti-Hacker settings, do the following:

  • Go to Firewall Kaspersky Anti-Hacker
  • In the main application window shift the security slider to the High, Medium or Low mode.
  • Check/uncheck the Stealth mode box.
  • Minimize the Firewall Kaspersky Anti-Hacker main window.

    Note: In case when you specified permissive packet filtering rules, they will be executed even when the stealth mode is enabled.

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