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Comment désinstaller les produits BitDefender ?

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Applies to Kaspersky PURE

Sometimes after removal of BitDefender software with the standard means and the computer restart some records may still remain in the system registry and prevent Kaspersky PURE from installation.

Thus, it is very important to remove BitDefender software before installation of Kaspersky PURE.

Before the files are copied onto a hard disk the Setup Wizard scans the disk for software incompatible with Kaspersky Lab applications. Records in the system registry are recognized by the Setup Wizard as fully installed BitDefender software, even though the product was removed and is no longer installed on the PC. As a result Kaspersky Lab Setup Wizard asks to delete the detected incompatible software manually and terminates the installation process.

Solution 1: Automatically delete BitDefender software:

  • in the bottom left corner click the Start button
  • perform the following actions:
    • for Windows XP:
      • select the Control Panel item

      • in the Control Panel window click Add or Remove programs

    • for Windows Vista and Windows 7:
      • select the Contorl Panel item

      • in the Control Panel window click Programs

      • in the Programs window select Programs and components

  • select Programs and components
  • in the list of programs select the BitDefender product
  • perform the following actions:
    • for Windows XP:
      • click the button Change/Remove (if you are offered to remove some common files click the button Yes, for all)
    • for Windows Vista and Windows 7:
      • double-click the application name
      • in the Programs and components window click the Yes button
  • in the Setup Wizard, confirm that you agree to uninstall the Bitdefender application by clicking the Yes button.
  • if the uninstallation process is successfully completed, you will be asked to restart your computer
  • in the BitDefender window, click the button Yes to reboot your computer.

Try to install Kaspersky PURE once again.

As a result BitDefender software will be removed from your computer. If BitDefender software has been successfully removed from your computer you do not need to perform the following steps. If an error message informs that BitDefender software removal was unsuccessful you will have to delete BitDefender software manually.

Solution 2: Manually delete BitDefender software:

Follow the instructions below to remove BitDefender software manually. After you perform all the actions, BitDefender software will be fully uninstalled.

In order to manually remove the software, use the uninstallation tool UninstallTool:

  • in the left part of the BitDefender Uninstall Tool window click the Uninstall button. Wait until the process is completed

  • to successfully uninstall the BitDefender product, you will be asked to restart your computer
  • in the BitDefender Uninstall Tool window click the Yes button to restart your computer and finish the uninstallation process.

Try to install Kaspersky PURE once again.

If all remains of your previous anti-virus software were removed, or you have not had any anti-virus software installed on your computer, but you cannot install Kaspersky PURE, then create a request to Kaspersky Lab Technical Support via the HelpDesk webform. Attach to your request a report created using Getsysteminfo.

WarningIn the HelpDesk webform, do not forget to describe the problem and actions which are required to be performed to reproduce the problem in all details.


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