Errors Interpretation Database

Error description

Not enough rights for file operation (internal code 0x85DC0002)
Type of error:
  • Database update
  • Solution:

    Description: the error occurs if the program cannot access files on the update source or cannot copy files into the target folder.


    • The account, under which the update is run, does not have enough rights either for the update source or for the folder into which the updates are saved.

    The bases are saved in the folder Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Lab\AVP8\Bases (under Microsoft Windows XP) or in ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\AVP8\Bases (under Microsoft Vista).



    In order to resolve the problem, check the rights of the account under which the update is started and change the rights if necessary. To analyze the causes of the problem, use the following rule:

    Information If a definite account is specified in the update settings, new files are saved into the folder under this specified account.


    When an account is not specified (the box Run task as is not checked) and if in the run mode of updates is set to Automatically or is set By schedule in this case the update is run under Local System Account. If the update is run manually the update is run under the account of the user who logged on.

    If update is run under a specified account, check if you have access by entering the update source under this account using Windows Explorer. For example, enter the address (if as an update source Kaspersky Lab’s servers are selected).

    Once the changes are made, run the update task once again.

    If the error repeats, create a detailed report file (trace) of the update process and send it to Technical Support service via the web-form with the problem description. Attach file with the system information to the file.

    If the given solution did not help to eliminate the problem, contact Kaspersky Labs Technical Support via the HelpDesk Form.