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Unsupported Query types

Kaspersky Support Services will help all customers within the terms of the product agreement. Questions that are not related to Kaspersky products will be guided to external resources for the solution.

Questions relating to the creating, testing or study of a “live” virus are discouraged by Support Services. If an engineer is asked “I have written a virus, can you test if it works” or “Can you send me a virus to study” they will decline giving support.

If however you want to test your existing anti-virus solution is working correctly, you can use the industry known test file (Eicar). This file can be downloaded from:

Before asking “How do I….?” questions to Support services.

There are many resources available to Kaspersky customers that may give the answer without needing to phone or email the support team. These resources are:

  • Manual and reference guides. Printed / Soft copy:
  • Knowledge Base:
  • Forum -
  • Virus Encyclopedia -

    General questions relating to the operation of the OS or other Vendor Products

    If you have a question that is not related to Kaspersky Anti-Virus such as these listed below, you should refer to that vendor for support.

  • Why does a file fail to be deleted from the "_Restore" folder in Windows ME?
  • How can I delete a program from start-up?
  • Why does the Anti-Virus of another vendor detect a virus in this file?

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