General info about Call & SMS Filter (Anti-Spam) in Kaspersky Mobile Security



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General info about Call & SMS Filter (Anti-Spam) in Kaspersky Mobile Security

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2012 Jul 31 ID: 3125

Applies to Kaspersky Mobile Security

The Call & SMS FIlter (Anti-Spam) component in Kaspersky Mobile Security allows to protect device against receiving unwanted messages and calls. Such protection is based on filtering incoming SMS messages and calls using the Black and the White Lists.

The lists comprise records. A record in each list includes the following information:

  • Number of the phone, information form which is blocked for a black list and is delivered to the allowed list by Call & SMS Filter
  • Types of events which Call & SMS Filter blocks for the list of blocked and delivers for the list of allowed records. The following types of information can be delivered: calls and SMS, calls only, SMS only.
  • Key phrase by which Call & SMS Filter detects wanted and unwanted SMS. For the list of blocked records Call & SMS Filter blocks SMS with the phrase and delivers SMS that do not contain such a phrase. For the list of allowed phrases Call & SMS Filter delivers a SMS that contains such a phrase and blocks an SMS without such phrase. 

Call & SMS Filter sorts SMS and calls according to the selected mode. According to the mode Call & SMS Filter checks every incoming SMS or call and defines whether it is wanted or not (spam). The check is completed as soon as Call & SMS Filter assigns a status (wanted or unwanted) to an SMS/ call.

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