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General info about Anti-Theft in Kaspersky Mobile Security 9

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2013 Apr 01 ID: 3143

The Anti-Thief component in Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 is designed to ensure protection of data stored on the mobile device against unauthorized access to it in case the device was lost or stolen. This component includes the following functions:

  • Blocking: allows blocking the device at the user's request and setting a text which is displayed on the screen in blocked mode.
  • Deleting data: allows irrecoverable deletion from the device of the user's personal data (all contacts, messages, gallery, calendar, logs, and network access settings), data from memory cards, and files from selected folders.
  • SIM-Watch: notifies the user and blocks the stolen device if the SIM card was replaced, or the device was turned on without the SIM card. SIM-Watch sends a message to a specified phone number and/or e-mail address containing the device's new phone number.
  • GPS Find: allows the user to determine remotely the location of the device, which can be sent as a message either to the requesting device or to a specified e-mail address.

Data transfer from the lost mobile device (coordinates via GPS Find or new phone number via SIM-Watch) is performed by sending a paid SMS to the Kaspersky Lab server located in Russia. Cost of the SMS may differ by regions of mobile device location.

When you access Anti-Theft for the first time, you should set up a secret code. The secret code is required to access any function of the Anti-Theft component.

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