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How to monitor replacement of a SIM card on the device using Anti-Theft in Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0 (Symbian OS)?

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2012 Jul 31 ID: 3235
Applies to Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0 (for Symbian-smartphones series 60 UI)

The SIM-Watch function in Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0 allows sending to the specified phone number and/or to e-mail address a new phone number and blocking the stolen device if the SIM card was replaced in such stolen or lost device. By default the SIM-Watch function is disabled.

Warning A paid SMS with a new phone number is sent to the Kaspersky Lab server located in Russia. Cost of the sms may differ by regions of mobile device location. 

In order to configure the settings of the SIM-Watch function, perform the following actions:

  • select the SIM Watch item in the Anti-Theft tab
  • enable the SIM Watch option
  • to check the replacement of the SIM card on the device, configure the following settings:
    • to automatically send a message containing a new number of your telephone, in the Phone number field enter the phone number which the message is sent to. The phone number may begin with a digit or with a "+", and must contain digits only
    • to receive an e-mail containing a new number of your telephone, enter an e-mail address in the E-Mail Address field
    • to block the device if the SIM card is replaced, or if the device is turned on with the SIM card removed, select the Block box for the If SIM card replaced setting. You can unblock the device only by entering the secret code
    • to display a message on the screen in blocked mode, enter it in the Text when blocked field
  • press Back to exit to the previous menu.

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