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If there is not enough money at my credit card, how to prolongate Auto-Renewal Service usage?

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2012 Aug 29 ID: 3973

If you use credit card as a payment method, you’ll be charged automatically at the time of license expiration.

If your credit card has expired or there is not enough funds on the card you’ll receive email stating that you can’t be charged.

In order to continue stay protected and avoid license expiration you need to update your credit card information. You can do that by accessing "Order Details".

  1. Open the web site www.findmyorder.com.
  2. Enter your Order Number and Password. This information was provided in the Order Confirmation Email during initial purchase.
  3. To update credit card information click on "Renew" button.
  1. You’ll be offered to make a purchase and put your new credit card data during this process.
  2. Enter your new credit card data and complete the purchase process.
InformationCredit card will be charged only at the date of license expiration. For example, you purchased the Auto-Renewal Service on January 1st, 2010, and want to update your credit or debit card credentials on July 1st, 2010  you can make it as described above, credit or debit card will be charged only on January 1st, 2011.
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  • Kaspersky Internet Security 2011
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011



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