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How to update databases and application modules on network computers using Home Network Control in Kaspersky PURE R2?

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2012 Aug 03 ID: 4657

Applies to Kaspersky PURE R2

Using Home Network Control, you can remotely manage the updating of Kaspersky PURE R2 on the networked computers. You can select one of the following update modes: 

  • Allow each computer in my network to update its own databases from the Internet. All computers in the network must have an Internet connection to download databases updates.
  • Select one computer as update source for other computers. One computer downloads databases updates from Kaspersky Lab servers, other computers in the network update anti-virus databases from a local folder of that computer.

How to change the update mode for the networked computers?

If you select one computer as update source for other computers, then you will be required to select an update server, which will download anti-virus databases updates from Kaspersky Lab servers. All networked computers will update anti-virus databases from a local folder of that computer.

How to set an update server which will be used by networked computers to get databases updates?

How to run update on network computers?

You can run an update task remotely either for the whole network, or for an individual computer.

How to run update on an individual computer?

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