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How to add an account for a website to password database of Password Manager in Kaspersky PURE R2?

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2012 Jan 24 ID: 5199

Applies to Kaspersky PURE R2

Using Password Manager from Kaspersky PURE R2 you can create a new account for a website by two methods:

  • using your browser
  • via the module interface

How to save an account from a web page?

You can create a new account from your Internet browser. In order to do this, perform the following actions:

  1. open the required website in a browser supported by Password Manager
  2. enter in the authorization field your login and password
  3. when you click the button to continue authorization, the window of Password Manager that will ask you whether you want to add a new account to the Password Database appears
  4. click on the Add button.

Your account is saved in the password database.

How to save an account via the module interface?

In order to create a new account for the required website using Password Manager, perform the following actions:

  1. open the context menu of Password Manager
  2. select Add and then Account...

  1. in the Account with single Login window, select Web Account - account for website and click Next
  2. perform one of the following actions:
    • select the Specify the website address option and type it manually (for example, http://facebook.com)


    • select the Select a website from the list option and select the required web site from the list
  1. click Next
  2. in the Account Name field enter the name of your new account (you can enter the address of the website you create account for to make it easy to understand for which website this account is created)
  3. on the Login information tab type your login and password in the corresponding fields

You can specify your login description. In order to do this, click on the Use Login Description button next to the Login field and enter the required description (for example, my facebook account). Descriptions help to find the required account via the Password Manager search.

  1. click on the Add Account button.

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