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What is Vulnerability Scan in Kaspersky PURE 2.0?

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2012 Nov 21 ID: 7756

Vulnerability scan is a special tool which helps to search and eliminate security vulnerabilities of applications, installed on your computer, and in operating system settings.

All the problems detected at the system analysis stage will be grouped based on the degree of danger it poses. Kaspersky Lab specialists offer a set of actions for each group of problems which help to eliminate vulnerabilities and weak points in the system's settings.

There are three groups of problems distinguished, and, respectively, three groups of actions associated with them:

  • Strongly recommended actions will help eliminate problems posing a serious security threat. You are advised to perform all actions of this group.
  • Recommended actions help eliminate problems posing a potential threat. You are advised to perform all actions of this group too.
  • Additional actions help repair system damages which do not pose a current threat but may threat the computer's security in the future.

The vulnerability scan task can be started:


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Applies To:

  • Kaspersky PURE 2.0



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