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Support Services and Contacts

Kaspersky Lab information protection systems need to be dynamic. To ensure an effective Kaspersky Anti-virus solution against emerging new threats, database updates should be updated on a regular basis. Support services provide a very important element of the Kaspersky Anti-virus package to our users. Without these services the Anti-Virus solution is not as effective against the threat of viruses and other malicious software.

Legal users of Kaspersky Lab’s software have access to technical support by phone, email and online services. Kaspersky Lab provides technical support services in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and other languages supported by local service delivery partners.

All registered users of Kaspersky Anti-virus are able to update hourly the database files, upgrade to the latest program version and have access to the technical support services, as part of their license agreement. Additional contracts are available for corporate customers.

For assistance with our Home and Small Office software, contact our Consumer Support Team.
For assistance with our Corporate and Enterprise software, contact our Corporate Support Team.

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