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How to disinfect my computer from Virus.Win32.Sality

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2013 Nov 13 ID: 1874

The recommendations given concerning disinfection of a computer from Virus.Win32.Sality should be applied only if NO Kaspersky Lab product is installed on an infected computer, and/ or if the computer is already infected and a Kaspersky Lab product cannot be installed by regular means. Kaspersky Lab experts also recommend using Rescue Disk to disinfect an infected computer. 

In order to disinfect a computer from Virus.Win32.Sality.aa,,,, use the utility SalityKiller


1. How to disinfect hosts included in the local network under domain control


2. How to disinfect hosts that are not in the network


3. Additional switches to run SalityKiller.exe from command line

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