What is Kaspersky Safe Kids?


Kaspersky Safe Kids


What is Kaspersky Safe Kids?

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Latest update: November 01, 2019 ID: 12266

Kaspersky Safe Kids is a multi-platform solution that provides protection for your children. You must have a My Kaspersky account in order to use Kaspersky Safe Kids. If you do not have an account, you can create one right away.

You can install Kaspersky Safe Kids on Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac devices. After installing the application, you will initially get the free version with a limited number of features. To use all the application’s features, activate the premium version with an activation code for Kaspersky Safe Kids or Kaspersky Total Security. See this article for instructions.

With Kaspersky Safe Kids you can:

  • Control the time your child spends on their device.
  • Limit the time your child can play games or use social networks.
  • Receive detailed reports on your child's online activity.
  • Monitor your child’s activity on social networks.
  • Get information about your child's location and be notified when they leave the allowed area.
  • Control the installation of applications.
  • Set access rules for websites and applications.
  • View information about the battery status of your child’s device.

Scroll down to watch the video on how to keep your kids safe with Kaspersky Safe Kids.

If your child uses an iOS device:
  • You can only control access to those applications that are not suitable for a child at the given age. You cannot restrict access to applications by type, e.g. games.
  • Internet monitoring is only available via the browser bundled with Kaspersky Safe Kids for iOS.

You can set up Kaspersky Safe Kids on My Kaspersky or from your own device. See this article for instructions.


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