How to enable Idle Scan in Kaspersky Free


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How to enable Idle Scan in Kaspersky Free

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Latest update: November 07, 2018 ID: 13104

If your PC is on but you are not currently using it, configure Kaspersky Free to perform anti-virus database updates and scans while you are away. This way you will avoid putting additional load on your system while you are using your PC.

When you return to your PC, the scan will be paused automatically. The application remembers where the scan task was stopped and resumes it from that stage. However, the anti-virus databases will start updating once again.

If the computer is battery-powered, Idle Scan will not be performed even if the computer is idle.

To enable or disable Idle Scan:

  1. In the main window of Kaspersky Free, click The settings icon in the lower-left corner.

Opening the Kaspersky Free settings

  1. To learn how to open the main application window, see this article.
  1. Go to the Performance section and select or clear the Perform Idle Scan checkbox.

Enabling Idle Scan in Kaspersky Free

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