How to protect Wi-Fi networks with Kaspersky Secure Connection



Kaspersky Secure Connectiоn


How to protect Wi-Fi networks with Kaspersky Secure Connection

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2017 Dec 21 ID: 13454
Kaspersky Secure Connection cannot be installed in Belarus, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Iran, the UAE, China, and Hong Kong due to legal limitations on the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Kaspersky Secure Connection checks the status of the Wi-Fi network (access spot) and identifies it as secure or unsecured. The check is based on KSN data and other parameters, such as whether the network uses a vulnerable encryption protocol or has a common name (SSID). 

To protect your Wi-Fi network, click Enable protection in the notification from Kaspersky Securе Connection.

Image: notification on connection to an unprotected network  

When the connection is established, the corresponding notification will appear in the notification area of Desktop.

Image: notification on the established secure connection


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