Limitations of Kaspersky Free on Windows 10


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Limitations of Kaspersky Free on Windows 10

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Latest update: October 23, 2020 ID: 13943

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Apart from protection against viruses and threats, Kaspersky Internet Security features protection for your children against online threats and secures your internet connectionweb camera streamonline payments. It also allows blocking banner ads and data collection and helps timely update your software and remove unused applications.

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Kaspersky Free may work with limitations in the following cases:

  • If Windows 10 is in the Out Of Box Experience (OOBE) mode.
  • If the Device Guard mode is enabled in Windows 10.
If you are using a different version of Windows and experience compatibility issues, try to find the answer in Community or create a new topic with a detailed description of the issue.

Limitations of Kaspersky Free on Windows 10 upgraded to version 2004 and later


Limitations of Kaspersky Free on Windows 10 in the OOBE mode


Limitations in Kaspersky Free when Device Guard is enabled in Windows 10

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