How Idle Scan works in Kaspersky Anti-Virus 19


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How Idle Scan works in Kaspersky Anti-Virus 19

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2019 Jan 18 ID: 14346

Scanning a computer with Kaspersky Anti-Virus can use a substantial amount of system resources. To reduce the load on the system, you are able to run scan tasks (of the system memory, system partition, and startup objects) and database update tasks in Kaspersky Anti-Virus while the computer is locked or the screensaver is on. This additional setting increases the security of your computer while consuming a minimum amount of resources.

If the computer is running on battery power, Kaspersky Anti-Virus will not run tasks when the computer is idle so as to prolong battery life.

To set the tasks to run when the computer is idle:

  1. Click the settings icon in the lower-left corner of the Kaspersky Anti-Virus main window. If you’re not sure how to open the application, see this article.
  2. Go to the Performance section.
  3. Select or clear the following checkboxes:
    • Perform Idle Scan
    • Postpone computer scan tasks when the CPU and disk systems are at high load
Idle scan and update tasks will be performed according to these settings.
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