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Uninstallation of Kaspersky PURE

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2012 Aug 03 ID: 3341

Applies to:
  • Kaspersky PURE Release 2
  • Kaspersky PURE
  • In order to uninstall Kaspersky PURE from your computer, perform the following actions:

    • click the Start button (by default, in the left lower corner of the screen)
    • select the All programs item from the menu that will open
    • select Kaspersky PURE from the list
    • select Modify, Repair or Remove from the menu that will open

    • in the Modify, Repair or Remove window, click the Remove button

    • in the Saving objects window, you can select Complete uninstall to remove all the data which were created and used by the application


    • you can select Save application objects. In this case, you can select which data items created and used by Kaspersky PURE you want to save on your computer. The following data can be saved:
      • Activation data. If you save your activation data, then you will not need to activate your application when you re-install it. The product will be activated automatically.
      • Anti-Spam databases. Database is used for recognizing unsolicited email messages. This database contains detailed information used to tell spam messages from useful ones.
      • Backup and quarantine files. Backup objects are backup copies of the objects you have deleted or disinfected. It is recommended that you save such objects so that they can be restored in the future. Quarantine objects are those probably infected with viruses or their modifications. Such objects contain code which is similar to that from a known virus. It is recommended that you save them since they may turn out to be uninfected, or become disinfectible after the application databases are updated.
      • Protection settings. You can save all specified settings for all the application components.
      • iSwift and iChecker data. The database contains information about scanned NTFS objects. It allows accelerating the object scan. By using the data from this database, Kaspersky PURE only scans the objects that have been modified since the last scan.
      • Data of Safe Run Shared Folder. These data are accessible both in Safe Run and in common run mode.

    WarningIf a considerable time interval has elapsed between the moment you had removed an older version and the moment you had installed a newer one, we recommend that you abstain from using the iSwift and iChecker database saved since the previous installation of the application. During this time interval, a malicious program may have penetrated into your computer and taken malicious actions that cannot be detected with this database, which may eventually lead to the infection of your computer.

    If you re-install the application because of incorrect functioning of some components, then in order to eliminate your problem, it is not recommended to save protection settings.

    • to continue the uninstallation, click the Next button

    • in the Ready to uninstall window, click the Remove button to confirm that you want to uninstall Kaspersky PURE

    • wait until the uninstallation process is completed

    • in the Kaspersky PURE dialog window, click the Yes button to restart you computer. This requires to fully uninstall the application.

    If during the uninstallation of Kaspersky PURE an error message appears or you have any issues, then create a request to Kaspersky Lab Technical Support. Describe your problem in all the details. Attach to your request the following:

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