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Mail protection

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Latest update: November 20, 2012 ID: 4940

Applies to Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Lotus Domino

When the mail protection is active, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Lotus Domino scans and disinfects (as necessary) incoming, outgoing and routed mail.

Mail delivery is halted for scanning and processing. Each email is disassembled into body, attachments and OLE objects. Then the embedded objects are filtered by size or file name and scanned for malware.

InformationKaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Lotus Domino uses the kavmonitor task for scanning Domino server emails. No mail antivirus scan is carried out when the kavmonitor task is stopped. Not scanned mail is not delivered to recipients but is accumulated in the database. It is necessary to start the kavmonitor task to deliver the accumulated mail.
By default, a full copy of each email or object is quarantined before processing.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Lotus Domino adds information that the email has been scanned with a description of applied actions to the subject and body of each email, sends corresponding notifications to recipient, sender and administrator(s), and logs this data into the Event log and statistics database.

After scanning and processing the objects, the email is handled over to the Lotus Domino system for further delivery.

If the outbreak alert system is enabled, and Kaspersky Anti-Virus detects an increased number of infected, suspected, corrupted or infected with the same malware objects, it notifies the administrator(s) and registers the fact in the event log.

You can disable the scanning of attachments, OLE objects and mail body. You can also limit the single object scan time to raise the scan speed. Objects having a certain size may be scanned in the server RAM without being saved on the hard disk. Mail protection settings are defined by the profile including the protected server.

It is impossible to configure individual mail protection settings for a server. Yet you have to enable (disable) mail scan only for each server separately.

WarningThe application has the following limitations:
  • Messages encrypted with the recipient's open key are not scanned.
  • The digital signature of an email signed by the sender gets corrupted when adding a scan report to the email text or replacing attached files with disinfected ones. 
  • MIME format emails are converted into the Rich Text format after adding a scan report to the email body. Email formatting can be damaged as well.

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