How to change Master Password in Kaspersky Password Manager 5.0?



Kaspersky Password Manager 5.0


How to change Master Password in Kaspersky Password Manager 5.0?

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2011 Dec 23 ID: 5061

Applies to Kaspersky Password Manager 5.0

Master Password is your own password to access your databases that contain your passwords and personal data. Do not lose your master password. It is the only way to access your databases. Save your master password in a secure place.

When creating a master password, you are recommended to follow the following tips:

  • a password should be made up of six characters or more;
  • a password can contain digits, Latin characters, space and special characters («.», «,», «?», «!», «<», «>», «”», etc.);
  • it is highly advised to create a password which includes a combination of upper- and lower-case alphabetic letters and digits.

Do not use as your master password:

  • words found in a dictionary or set expressions;
  • any easy-to-guess sequence like: qwerty123456789qazxsw etc.;
  • personal data: first and last namesaddressespassport numberssocial security numbers etc.;
  • It is strongly advised not to reuse the passwords which you use to run other programs (e-maildatabases, etc).

You can create a master password using Password generator. This tool is embedded to Kaspersky Password Manager 5.0 and designed to create strong passwords.

To change a master password, please do the following:

  1. open the Paswword Manager context menu
  2. in the context menu, select Settings


  1. on the Settings window, select Authorization method 
  2. under Authorization method on the right in the block Password Protection click the Change button
  3. on the Password protection window enter a new password and confirm it.

InformationIf you are afraid of key-loggers click Virtual keyboard. To see the password click the Show password button. The Password strength scale will show how strong your password is. 

  1. Click OK
  2. on the Confirm Master Password window re-enter the new password and click OK 
  3. on the Kaspersky Password Manager window click OK  
  4. on the Kaspersky Password Manager Settings window click OK.


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