Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Lotus Domino: Maintenance Pack 1 released



Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Lotus Domino


Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Lotus Domino: Maintenance Pack 1 released

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2012 Nov 20 ID: 8471
Applies to Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Lotus Domino

On 12 April 2012 Kaspersky Lab announced the release of Maintenance Pack 1 for Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Lotus Domino. The full version number is

Changes as compared with the verison

  • Support for the following operating systems has been implemented:
    • Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Support of 64-bit versions of Lotus clients and servers has been implemented.
  • Support of servers featuring Configuration Directory has been implemented.
  • The product's performance and reliability have been improved.

Known issues and solutions

  • No disinfection is applied to OLE objects. If a threat is detected in an OLE object, Kaspersky Anti-Virus deletes infected OLE objects.
  •  If the document attachment is an archive containing non-infected objects and infected objects that cannot be disinfected, that archive will be completely deleted during disinfection. 
  • When installing the application on Linux operating systems, the operating system version is displayed improperly.
  • When using the application under Microsoft Windows® operating systems, you should put the path to the key file into brackets if the path contains white spaces. For example: "x:\\<path to key file>\key file.key" 
  • After the application installation to the additional server is completed, the administrator should make sure that creation of replicas of Kaspersky Anti-Virus databases on the additional server is successfully completed; only after that, the administrator can restart the server.
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