Importing users

Before starting the import, you need to prepare an .xlsx file with a list of users. For the fields containing information about users to be recognized correctly, we recommend using the import template. You can download the template in the Users section → Import and synchronizationXLS template to import users. Default fields (Email, userName, reference) are required and can't be deleted.

To import a list of users from an .xlsx file:

  1. In the web interface of the program, select the Users section.
  2. Click Import users.

    Open the Import and synchronization page in the Import tab. This launches Stage 1 of user import.

  3. Click the Select file button to add the previously created .xlsx file.
  4. If required, add comments in the entry field on the right.
  5. Click the Continue button.

    This initiates Stage 2.

  6. If the .xlsx file contains additional fields not in the company's settings, the platform will prompt you to add a new custom field. Just check the boxes in the Add to database column for the fields you want to add.

    The new custom field will be added to all users in the current company, not just users on the import list.

  7. Click the Continue button.

    This initiates Stage 3.

  8. If the uploaded .xlsx file contains errors, the platform will notify you. In the event of errors:
    • Download the error report and cancel the import.
    • Email the error report and cancel the import.
    • Continue the import.

      In this event, users with data containing errors will not be imported to the platform.

    If you cancel the import after correcting the errors in the .xlsx file, you will need to start the import process over from Stage 1.

    To continue the import, click the Continue as-is button.

    This initiates Stage 4.

  9. Check the accuracy of the user records that will be imported to the platform. If all the data is correct, click the Continue button.

    There is also a button to download or email a report on imported users.

    This initiates Stage 5.

  10. Make sure the imported users are assigned to training groups correctly. If everything is accurate, click the Continue button.

    If required, you can change the order of automatic distribution rule application or create a new rule in the Rules setting section.

  11. Click the Continue button.

The users are now imported and displayed in the list in the Users section.

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