Viewing information about the use of cloud services

You can view the Cloud Discovery widget that shows information about attempts to gain access to cloud services. Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud gets information about the use of cloud services from all of the managed devices that are protected only by the security profiles that have the feature enabled.

To view the Cloud Discovery widget:

  1. In the Information panel section, click the Monitoring tab.
  2. In the left part of the Cloud Discovery information widget, select a category of cloud services.

    The table in the right part of the widget displays up to five services, from the selected category, to which users most often try to gain access. Both successful and blocked attempts are counted.

  3. In the right part of the widget, select a specific service.

    The table below displays up to ten users who most often attempt to gain access to the service.

The widget displays the requested information.

From the displayed widget, you can do the following:

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