Creating an account

To create an account in Kaspersky Business Hub:

  1. In your browser, go to Kaspersky Business Hub.
  2. Click the Create an account button on the start page of Kaspersky Business Hub.
  3. On the Create a single account for access to Kaspersky business solutions page, enter the email address, password, and password confirmation for your account (see the figure below).

    Creating an account in Kaspersky Business Hub

    Creating an account in Kaspersky Business Hub

  4. Click the Privacy Policy link and carefully read the Privacy Policy text.
  5. If you are aware and agree that your data will be handled and transmitted (including to third countries) as described in the Privacy Policy, and you confirm that you have fully read and understand the Privacy Policy, select the check box next to the text of consent to data processing in accordance with the Privacy Policy and click the Create account button.

    If you do not accept the Privacy Policy, do not use Kaspersky Business Hub.

    The button becomes available only after you select the check box.

    A page prompting you to check your email is displayed. A message from Kaspersky is sent to the email address that you specified. The message contains a link for completing the account creation procedure.

  6. Close the page and open the email message in your mailbox.
  7. Click the link in the message sent by Kaspersky to proceed to your account page.
  8. On the User account activation page, click the Continue button to complete the account activation.

Creation of the account in Kaspersky Business Hub is complete.

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