Feeds settings

You can manage the settings of feeds in the Kaspersky CyberTrace web user interface by selecting the Settings tab, and then the Feeds tab. When you change the settings, you will be asked whether to update the feeds. Depending on the item selected in the drop-down list with all available tenants in the upper-left area of the window, the changes will affect either the general feeds settings (if General is selected) or the feeds settings for a specific tenant (if a specific tenant is selected).

For all tenants, Kaspersky CyberTrace displays only the feeds that are enabled in the General tenant.

For the General tenant, the form allows you to:

For a specific tenant, the form allows you to:

Feed tabs

Feeds are listed on the following tabs:

About the feed update notifications

If any feeds have become available or unavailable with your certificate during an update, a window opens and lists all newly available and unavailable feeds.

In each list of feeds:

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