Using Password Utility

The Password Utility is a tool that allows you to reset the password for the admin account.

For default user name and password, see section "Logging in to Kaspersky CyberTrace Web".


Use the following path to find the Password Utility:

Here %service_dir% is the directory where Kaspersky CyberTrace is installed.


When you use this utility to reset the admin account, all other user accounts are deleted.

The Password Utility uses the following syntax:


The following table explains the command-line options.

Command-line options of kl_access_util





Prints the usage message to the screen.

If this option is specified, all other options are ignored.



Resets the password for the admin account to its default value, and deletes all other user accounts.

If there is no admin account, the utility creates it.



Prints the version information.

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