Managing the Sandbox component through the web interface

The Sandbox web interface is located on the server hosting the Sandbox component.

The Sandbox web interface is protected against CSRF attacks and operates only if the web interface user's browser provides the Referrer header of an HTTP POST request. Make sure that the browser that you are using to work with the Sandbox web interface does not modify the Referrer header of an HTTP POST request. If the connection with the web interface is established through a proxy server of your organization, check the settings and make sure that the proxy server does not modify the Referrer header for an HTTP POST request.

To begin working with the Sandbox web interface, proceed as follows:

  1. In a browser on any computer on which access to the server with the Sandbox component is allowed, enter the IP address of the server with the Sandbox component.

    This opens the Sandbox component administrator credentials input window.

  2. Enter the Sandbox component administrator user name and password that you specified when installing the Sandbox component.

You can now start working in the Sandbox web interface.

If you use more than one servers with the Sandbox component, configure settings of each Sandbox component from the Sandbox web interface of such server.

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