Managing reports

When managing the program web interface, users with the Senior security officer role can manage reports on program alerts: create report templates, create reports based on a template, view and delete reports and report templates.

Users with the Security auditor role can view reports and report templates and create reports from templates.

A report is generated based on a selection of alerts for a specified period. If you are using distributed solution and multitenancy mode, data is also selected based on the organization and servers of that organization.

You can manage report templates and reports in all operating modes of the program in accordance with the license.

Perform the report creation steps in the following order:

  1. Create a report template.
  2. Create a report based on the template.

Users with the Security officer role do not have access to reports.

In this Help section

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Creating a report based on a template

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Downloading a report to a local computer

Editing a template

Filtering templates by name

Filtering templates based on the name of the user that created the template

Filtering templates by creation time

Clearing a template filter

Deleting a template

Filtering reports by creation time

Filtering reports by name

Filtering reports by the name of the server with the Central Node component

Filtering reports based on the name of the user that created the report

Clearing a report filter

Deleting a report

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